Art Ache

Art Ache

I am so thrilled to be invited to participate in Art Ache. Opening Thursday 2nd July at Golden Dawn in Auckland.

Art Ache is a bi-monthly event and was founded by Aimee Ralfini, an Elam Graduate. “Art Ache is about clearing out the studios and testing new ideas. It’s a really comfortable environment to potentially meet new patrons. It’s a different way to get art to the community.” This particular event is curated by Natalie Tozer from Lot23. Natalie, also an Elam Grad and has been managing the curating the gallery at Lot23 since they opened. With the teaming of Aimee and Natalie, this selection of artists is not to be missed.

If you are wanting to start your art collection, this is the perfect time to do so. The artists are selling some never before seen works from their studios, old stuff, new stuff and concept pieces.

I am going in to this event with the premise to inspire new collectors, get them excited about the artwork they are looking at, and give them the opportunity to get a piece of amazing art in their homes.

Art Ache, Karley Feaver, Lot23, Aimee Ralfini, Saatchi & Saatchi, Taxidermy by Karley Feaver

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Dudok, Arnhem – Beauty of the Beast

From high-concept shops to cocktail bars: every style-conscious place these days displays a mounted fox or peacock in the window. Taxidermy, the mounting of dead animals, is hot. But what happens when you apply taxidermy to contemporary jewellery design? In the exhibition Beauty of the Beast Museum Arnhem presents the work of more than 15 international designers and artists who make a connection between taxidermy, jewellery and visual arts. The exhibition presents, on the one hand, wearable jewellery and fashion accessories such as necklaces, brooches, bags, hats, hair ornaments and shoes. But it also includes more sculptural and autonomous work.

The often complex relationship between humans and animals lies at the heart of the works of the participating artists. For many of the artists the beauty of the animal forms the starting point of the work, but other themes such as impermanence, the border between fantasy and reality, the meat industry, ‘memento mori’, environmental issues, fables and symbols come into play as well. What the artists share is a love for nature. The animals that they use in their work are often ‘roadkill’ or were killed because they are perceived as pests.

In conjunction with this exhibition, my taxidermy photographs are on display at Dudok until the 8th June.

Karley Feaver, Taxidermy Art, Taxidermy by Karley Feaver, Arnhem Museum, Beauty, Beauty of the Beast

Installation view

Karley Feaver, Taxidermy Art, Taxidermy by Karley Feaver, Arnhem Museum, Beauty, Beauty of the Beast

Installation View

Karley Feaver, Taxidermy Art, Taxidermy by Karley Feaver, Arnhem Museum, Beauty, Beauty of the Beast

Installation View

Karley Feaver, Taxidermy Art, Taxidermy by Karley Feaver, Arnhem Museum, Beauty, Beauty of the Beast

Installation View

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FLOCK: Birds on the Brink

Inspired by an environmental imperative – the global loss of wild bird populations as an indicator of our planet’s health

I am thrilled to be included in this contemporary art exhibition inspired by the interdependency of bird species to plant species and to the human race.
FLOCK celebrates the daily presence of birds in our gardens and communities while illustrating the critical impact of wild bird populations on our ecosystems and our own well-being.

Guest Curator Nancy Gifford, working with Lotusland staff, has gathered artworks and commissioned installations from more than thirty local and international artists, which will be displayed in the pavilion and – for the first time – throughout the garden.

On at Lotusland, Santa Barbara, California, until 23rd May

Flock, Karley Feaver, Nancy Gifford, Taxidermy, Birds



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WORLD – Collectors Room

COLLECTORS ROOM…sounds important doesn’t it? WORLD have created this new space called COLLECTORS ROOM, which is filled with collections that have caught the WORLD team’s attention, or have made part of their aesthetic over the past 25 years. These collections and rare pieces are currently being enjoyed in an eclectic and luxurious environment, complementing the WORLD fashion collection downstairs.

Inside is a rare teak monkey sculpture, Vintage Thierry Mugler, Christian Dior and Missoni clothing, ceramic sculpture by Colin Melbourne and one of Arnold Machin’s most successful pieces for Wedgwood “Taurus, the Zodiac Bull”.

As you walk up the stairs, you are greeted by a swarm of butterflies and bugs in frames, then a flock of birds displaying their plumage and dancing for the audience…yes these birds are my taxidermy pieces. I am very honoured to be showing my work in amongst some well known and sought after collections.

Last week I took the time to visit the space and take some photos. I also invited Sait Akkirman from Artsdiary to come along as well. I have included one of his shots below, which will be used in an upcoming feature about me (soon to be revealed).

If you are looking for something special and different for your family or friends for Christmas (or just in general in case you are one of those people who loves giving presents to people), then you should definitely check out the COLLECTORS ROOM.

Upstairs, 97 Ponsonby Rd (enter through WORLD Ponsonby)
Opening hours Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 12noon – 4pm

World Store, World, Taxidermy

Taxidermy, Taxidermy Art, Karley Feaver, World, World Brand, Collectors Room

Collectors Room, WORLD, Ponsonby Road

Taxidermy, Karley Feaver, Taxidermy art, World, World Brand, Collectors Room

Collectors Room, WORLD, Ponsonby Road

Photograph of taxidermy by Karley Feaver

Collectors Room, WORLD, Ponsonby Road

Photograph of World Store Ponsonby Road, Auckland

WORLD Store, Ponsonby Road

Photograph of taxidermy by Karley Feaver

Becoming Otherwise series by Karley Feaver

Photograph of taxidermy by Karley Feaver

Becoming Otherwise series by Karley Feaver

Photograph of taxidermy by Karley Feaver

Photograph © Sait Akkirman, Artsdiary, 2013

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Hello My Tropical Princess Bird Friend

Father Rabbit, Karley Feaver, Taxidermy

Visiting Father Rabbit and My Tropical Princess Bird Friend

You may remember me mentioning back in July that I was working on a secret project. Well, this is it! Father Rabbit have added a guest room (in the form of a bird house) and have introduced Hello My Tropical Princess Bird Friend. I am so honoured to be involved with this project and decided to visit the house to check out their new location at BLOC.

The painting above is for sale, and I also designed the bird for the branding of Hello My Tropical Princess Bird Friend (below).

Father Rabbit, Karley Feaver, Taxidermy,

Hello My Tropical Princess Bird Friend

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Working on something

Paintings of birds by Karley Feaver

Yet to be finished…Progress of paintings for a special project

I’m working on a special (secret) project at the moment. I have been commissioned to create a bird image/painting for a new business soon to open. The image above is obviously  in development, but a sneaky peak before the detail goes on. Imagine if there was an actual bird with all of these crazy colours! Unfortunately it only exists in my imagination.

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The Denizen

I thought I blogged about this, but then realised I didn’t. Just before Becoming Otherwise opened earlier this month, The Denizen kindly did a profile of me on their website.  Check it out HERE.

The Denizen is a multimedia platform that celebrates the art of living well from a New Zealand perspective. Launched in September 2010, the Denizen website has fast become the go-to online destination for those looking for a local fix on the art of living well.

I wanted to say thank you to Claire Sullivan (Publisher & Editor-in-chief), and the staff at The Denizen for all of their support over the past couple of years.

Photograph of Taxidermy by Karley Feaver

Courtship of Blackheart and Erythrura Gouldiae – Photograph on Ilford Galerie Fibre Gold paper – Image © Karley Feaver

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Artsdiary and Becoming Otherwise opening

Photograph of taxidermy by Artsdiary

Wild & Free – Photography © by Sait Akkirman from Artsdiary

I have been a huge fan and supporter of Artsdiary for a while now (along with many others).  The above image was taken at the opening of Becoming Otherwise, and the irony is just hilarious.  I am not sure who the person is in this photo, but she obviously dressed for the event.

Artsdiary launched back in 2010 and is run by Sait Akkirman and his wife Judith. They live with their cat Henry, who I have never met, but love so much as he reminds me of my good friend Marize’s cat who is crazy cute, literally, and we have a special bond (yes I think I am secretly a cat whisperer, but that’s another story).

This is a thank you to Sait for photographing the opening of Becoming Otherwise, the arts scene in Auckland wouldn’t be the same without him and Artsdiary.

Photograph of Taxidermy by Artsdiary

Brendan is just jealous of my dress, hence the look – Photo © by Sait Akkirman, Artsdiary

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Installing the show

Yesterday the works were delivered to the gallery and we started installing.  Saatchi & Saatchi have a brilliant man called Ian working for them who is helping me install the show.  His ideas and suggestions have been amazing, and we have placed things in a way that I would never have thought of. Its been an invaluable lesson that every now and then you (the artist), needs to step back and let someone else show you how the works are speaking to them. I’m loving what we have done so far, and today we finish the install…ready for the opening on Thursday.

Here’s a sneak peek, with lens flare added to make it harder to see the work…I don’t want to give too much away before the opening…

Karley Feaver, Taxidermy

Installing Becoming Otherwise (with lens flare added so you can’t see the works properly)

Karley Feaver, Taxidermy

Transporting the works to Saatchi & Saatchi Gallery


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The Framing Studio

So I decided to do something a little different for my upcoming show and do some large (920 x 665mm) photographs to include amongst the menagerie of birds and nests. There is no one else I would recommend more for framing than my friend Daryl at The Framing Studio. Daryl has over 15 years experience and is very particular with everything, a bit of a perfectionist, and in a good way!
If you want to see an example of his work, come to my exhibition, Becoming Otherwise, and check out what he has done for me.

The Framing Studio

The Framing Studio

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