Stranger in the Sky Bridge

If you’ve waited for an update on the Stranger in the Sky Bridge – well here it is…

Unfortunately I cannot find Mac’s Son.  I have called the company I was told he works at and they have not heard of anyone by the name I gave them.  There is also no-one listed in the white pages with his specific name – not to say that this person doesn’t exist, but I have exhausted all of my options to finding out more about this man. 

Could he be homeless?  I have asked many people who have watched him sitting in the same seat every day for the past couple of months, everyone else seems to think so.  He comes with his suitcase and a backpack, wearing the same clothes and a book to read.  However, he is never dirty and his shoes are very new and clean.  For the past couple of weeks his routine has changed.  He doesn’t come to the sky bridge in the morning anymore, just the afternoon.  I say hello to him when I see him…and the other day he asked me out to dinner on his last night in Auckland.  Not sure if I feel comfortable going so I will have to decline his invitation.

On Tuesday next week Mac is heading down to Gisborne then to the South Island.  So we won’t see him anymore…but he did say that 2 weeks ago and he is still here…

About Karley Burgs

Artist - Painter, Sculptor Lover of Taxidermy Girl Friday
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