Natalie Tozer – Biomorphs

Natalie Tozer | Biomorphs

Satellite Gallery, Cnr St Benedicts St and Newton Road, Newton, Auckland

9th – 27th February 2010

Opening: Tues 9th February, 5.30 – 7pm

My friend, Natalie Tozer, is having her solo show at Satellite Gallery.  Make sure you get along to the opening!

Dealing with elementary aspects of existence, Natalie Tozer’s approach to the water-colour medium is one that invites chance and tempts nature.

“Watercolour is a beautiful and compelling medium, which I find as dynamic as water itself. In life, we consist of water, we consume water, it cleanses us, we pray for it, and we die by it. In these works, I see representations of some unrealised latent purpose in life. Flooding the surface, allowing the colours to bleed and seep into themselves reveals the medium’s most unpredictable and beautiful peculiarities. The works take on a life of their own, organic and soft as if grown.”

Tozer’s work explores Freudian, Darwinian and Nietzschean concepts of art and the creative impulse. By inhabiting the language of paint and navigating it from the interior, she courts potentiality and offers an alternative to the often closed and definitive way that we see language and mediums of representation. Ideas are explored through immersion and enactment. Each of the works in this exhibition can be seen as lingering traces of elegant performances in the pursuit of creativity, evolution and life affirmation.

About Karley Burgs

Artist - Painter, Sculptor Lover of Taxidermy Girl Friday
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