A week in review & Chloe Early

What a week! I have been trying to get extra lighting installed in my studio so I can work later at night, but it just hasn’t been planning out how I wanted. I live in a concrete building and the roof in my studio is concrete. I thought I would be able to drill some holes to hang a light from the ceiling, but there seems to be metal plates under the concrete. So my new plan is to now use the only wooden wall (well gib wall) and attach the light to that – not ideal as it’s not directly overhead, but better than nothing I say. Hopefully will get it sorted this weekend.

I seem to be on track for my exhibition in July though, the pieces are coming along really nicely. I am working on 11 pieces all at once at the moment. It’s great working like that as when I am waiting for paint to dry on one, I can then work on another and go around in a circle. Sounds mad I know, but I have now started invading the living room…soon it will be the dining room. Will have to start covering all rooms in the apartment with plastic sheets.

Two of my pieces for the Baradene Art show have been featured in the catalogue. Very exciting of course to have your work in print for these types of shows.

I attended the Artists Alliance AGM on Thursday night. I have never been to one of those before, so really wanted to attend – also a really good networking opportunity. I ended up meeting Natasha from Artfind and Amberleigh from Artists Alliance – both of which I have had dealings with over the past year but have never met in person.

I have organised 2 more interviews for next week for my exhibition coming up in July. On Tuesday I will be interviewing Nicola and on Saturday I will be interviewing Angus. Watch this space for a write-up about both of them. They are very interesting people and have completely different backgrounds from each other. This will take my total interviews to date to 16 people. I would like to fit in 2 more interviews to ensure I have enough work to hang, so I’ll let you know who those people will be…you never know, I might get in touch with you.

Chloe Early

I have been doing some research for my Image of the week, and have stumbled across Chloe Early. I really love her style and the way she mixes realistic images with gestural/abstract images. Her pieces are refined and beautiful to look at.  As quoted from the Stolen Space Gallery website “In her paintings she creates a fantastical landscape, an urban utopia where strange and wonderful things happen. There is a sense that this is a post apocalyptic world, but ultimately these are positive paintings, nature is alive, people are not alone. Chloe shows us a world deconstructed and put back together in an unsettling way, but there is also a sense of celebration.”

Here is one of my favourite pieces:

Majesty, oil on linen – 183cm x 243cm

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