The Secrets in Their Eyes

I have a new favourite movie…The Secrets in Their Eyes. My partner and I went out for dinner and movie last night to celebrate a couple of deals he has just done. Neither of us had any idea what the film was about, we just turned up and said, let’s go to this one.

Directed by Argentinian, Juan Jose Campanella. This film is a must see “in my eyes”. The story pulls on every emotion and genre you can think of. A beautiful love story, a thriller / murder mystery, judicial cover-ups, corruption, sadness, crime, drama, loneliness and suspense.

In short, The Secrets in their eyes, is the story of Benjamin Esposito and his need to tell the story of a case that wasn’t solved 25 years ago, the brutal rape and murder of a woman name Liliana Coloto. The story is told in flash back form and keeps you in suspense throughout the film. The film is about the thin lines between passion and obsession, love and fear. I won’t ruin the story, just in case you end up going to see this film. And I highly recommend you do. Out of all of the movies I have seen this is probably the most harrowing, yet beautiful, yet disturbing movie I have seen to date.

Did I mention this movie was the winner of the Best Foreign Language Film at the 2010 Academy Awards…and very much deserved.

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2 Responses to The Secrets in Their Eyes

  1. Omar says:

    Prezada Karley,
    Minha esposa e eu temos assistido filmes argentinos nos últimos tempos. Alguns desses filmes se destacam pela emocionalidade e qualidade técnica, além do desempenho positivo das atrizes e atores. Ainda não assistimos “O segredo de seus olhos” pois somos um pouco preconceituosos com filmes que ganham o Oscar, porém com teus comentários vamos assistir no próximo final de semana.

    • Hi Omar – I love that name by the way. It reminds me of the character from the TV series “The Wire”. Cool character. Anyway, yes you should definitely see the movie. I know everyone has their own opinion of films, but the story alone is brilliant. I love films that keep you in suspense but have a much deeper story than just the thriller aspect. I am also biased sometimes about Oscar winning films. Some have not been very good or I didn’t like them, and others have been boring. I hope you and your wife like this one. Let me know what you think.

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