Stranger in the Sky-Bridge: The Stalker Rises Again

Well this time I was not actually stalking him. Honest. I was having a conversation with a few people about my exhibition and it just so happens that one of the people I interviewed for Interviews with Escapists, actually knows Mac from a former life. Yesterday Jo briefly shared some things about Mac which clarified some of the stories he has told me.

So, he is not actually a Ranch owner from Kansas. He does have 3 children, like he said. He use to be married to a pakeha woman as he mentioned also, but she wasn’t english. The part he told me about owning a motel on Waiheke Island…Jo is not sure if he did own that motel, but said he did live on Waiheke and drove taxis on the island. He actually use to have a really normal life, married with kids, owned his own home etc etc.

He attended a leadership development course with Jo many years ago. He got to know Jo and her mother quite well. I think Jo said the course went for 10 weeks, so I guess you can get to know someone pretty well over that period of time.

It’s such a small world…I guess that saying about 6 degrees of separation is true.

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