Project 50

I came across this amazing project through the LA Times website. It’s quite remarkable what they have achieved.

Homes for the hardest of the hard-core homeless
Story by Christopher Goffard
Photography by Genaro Molina

In late 2007, Los Angeles County officials embarked on an ambitious and unconventional approach to chronic homelessness. The 50 people deemed most at risk of dying on the streets of downtown L.A.’s skid row would be handed the keys to apartments, with a minimum of restrictions. They wouldn’t have to take psychiatric medications, attend 12-step meetings or even stay sober. The premise was that access to an indoor refuge might stabilize precarious lives. Times reporter Christopher Goffard and photographer Genaro Molina tracked participants in Project 50 over the last two years.

This four-part series is the result.

Above: Bobby Livingston, a 37-year survivor of skid row, was No. 1 on the list of people most likely to die on skid row’s streets.  (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

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