Art in Embassies

I’m heading to Wellington this week for the opening of the Art in Embassies program Encountering Places.  I am one of 14 artists chosen to exhibit work at the United States Ambassador’s residence in Wellington for the duration of his term in office.

Nathan Huff and James Brown were chosen to curate the show, which previously only invited artist from the United States to participate.  This year they opening it up to NZ artists also.  The Artists Alliance have recently written an article about the show and the curatorial adventures of Nathan and James…here is an excerpt:

Taken from the Artists Alliance ART ALL Spring 2011 edition
“We formed a theme, a group of artists and a body of works together in an ongoing process that involved an openness as to what the artists contributed and how their works related to an open-ended theme of ‘place’. 
While places depicted in art are often noticed first for the location represented, artists whose investigation evoked an emotional tie to a location increasingly intrigued us.  We appreciated artists who engaged with critical commentary about the construct of an image of a place, and others who used illusion, displacement, and intentional intervention in the space to draw attention to the ‘placeness’ of the work.  Throughout this process the open-ended concept of place matured into something quite specific evoking artists’ intention to draw attention to the place within the work rather than simply depicting it.”


The opening is this Wednesday 24 August at the Ambassador’s residence in Wellington. The artists from the United States and NZ participating are Anne-Marie Jean, Christina Shurts, Nathan Huff, James Brown, Jae Hoon Lee, Jonathan Anderson, Mica Still, Nancy Vogeli, Melissa Kauk, Claudia Morales and Yours Truly.

Karley Feaver, Interviews with Escapists

Sophia, Managing Director - Acrylic on Canvas, 2010 (1000x1000mm)

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