Winterland – Black Asterisk Gallery

Black Asterisk Gallery – 10 Ponsonby Road, Auckland
13 – 24 December 2011, Open 11am to 5pm daily
Launch Party: Saturday 17th December, 6.30pm

Winterland, Black Asterisk Gallery, Karley Feaver, Gallery Ponsonby, Taxidermy

In my new works for this show, the choice of animal is deliberate and used as a symbolic reference to the themes I explore in my work.  White is a colour which human culture has many references to, often related to purity and cleanliness.  However white is also a colour which is commonly associated with death.  In these works I reference this with powerful imagery of stags and deer, which are known as power symbols and carriers of peace.

The plastic moulded forms (rather than taxidermy this time) are symbolic of my exploration of death, where we recreate and preserve the life we knew, and recreate the deceptive illusion of life when it is no longer there.  I also recreate the life in my work by giving my pieces human names.  In this series the names are representative of strength, sorrow and death.  Inspiration is drawn from the meaning of names such as Morana, which is a name symbolic of the Greek goddess of death and winter. Or Benjamin (Benoni), meaning the son of sorrow.

I have been to have a look at the show already (got a sneak peek the other day), and it really looks amazing.  Stuart and his team have done a fab job curating the show. I feel privileged to be showing my work with a group of talented artists, whose works I admire (and one of which I own a piece).

Photos of my pieces to come…in the mean time I hope to see you at the Launch Party.

About Karley Burgs

Artist - Painter, Sculptor Lover of Taxidermy Girl Friday
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