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I came across the 20×200 website late last year. I have been keenly following what Jen Beckman, founder of 20×200, has been curating. She has over 200 artists: emerging, established and legendary on her books, and the work is outstanding.

20×200 was launched back in 2007 with two core goals: They want everyone to collect art, and they want to enable an economy that allows more artists to make a living by making work. More so, they wanted something as awesome as collecting art to be fun.

Although I have always favoured original pieces, Jen Beckman’s curated collection of works is somewhat irresistible. I have succumbed to growing my art collection and being a collector and follower of some artists featured at 20×200. I like something a little different, quirky, sometimes weird, well executed and a bit of humour thrown in. So here is a selection of works I have purchased to add to my slowly growing collection.

Tod Seelie

Tod Seelie, Green-Branches

Above : Tod Seelie, Green Branches

Yuji Hamada

Yuji Hamada

Above : Yuji Hamada, Edge

Laura Plageman

Laura Plageman

Above : Laura Plageman, Response to Print of Kudzu, Texas

Jessica Snow

Jessica Snow

Above : Jessica Snow, Paradigm Shift

Steve Lambert

Steve Lambert

Above: Steve Lambert, Drawings for 3 Rooms in Your Home #2

Craig Damrauer

Craig Damraure

Above : Craig Damrauer, Modern Art

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Artist - Painter, Sculptor Lover of Taxidermy Girl Friday
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