First glimpse of Ossian…the little fawn

Well, hours and hours of work have gone into this little man, Ossian. I cannot even count how many hours I spent sanding, filling, sanding more, filling some more. Then a coat of resin, then more sanding…then more filling, followed by more sanding. A couple of coats of undercoat, more sanding and 4 coats of white matt lacquer.

Part of his legs are made from turned recycled Kauri.  Thanks to The Greylynn wood turner for his hard work making those for me.

I chose the name Ossian the same way I choose the names for all of my pieces, by researching names relating to the type of animal or the sculpture’s characteristics. This particular name inspired me because of it’s meaning…it is an Irish name composed of the word os “deer” and a diminutive suffix, hence “little deer.” In Irish mythology, Ossian is the son of Fionn mac Cumhail.

Now you will have to come to the show to get a better look at Ossian.  He is the star of the show after all.

A huge thank you to Aaron Key (Aaron K photography) for helping me out with the photos of Ossian.

Ossian by Karley Feaver

About Karley Burgs

Artist - Painter, Sculptor Lover of Taxidermy Girl Friday
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