Art Ache

Art Ache, Karley Feaver, Lot23


FLOCK: Birds on the Brink

Flock, Karley Feaver, Nancy Gifford, Taxidermy, Birds

Inspired by an environmental imperative – the global loss of wild bird populations as an indicator of our planet’s health

I am thrilled to be included in this contemporary art exhibition inspired by the interdependency of bird species to plant species and to the human race.
FLOCK celebrates the daily presence of birds in our gardens and communities while illustrating the critical impact of wild bird populations on our ecosystems and our own well-being.

Guest Curator Nancy Gifford, working with Lotusland staff, has gathered artworks and commissioned installations from more than thirty local and international artists, which will be displayed in the pavilion and – for the first time – throughout the garden.

On now at Lotusland, Santa Barbara, California, until 23rd May


Dudok, Arnhem – Beauty of the Beast

Karley Feaver, Taxidermy Art, Saatchi & Saatchi, Taxidermy, Arnhem Museum

In conjunction with Beauty of the Beast exhibition at Museum Arnhem, my works are on display at Dudok Arnhem


Becoming Otherwise

Karley Feaver, Taxidermy Art, Saatchi & Saatchi


Creaturely Wonders

Karley Feaver, Creaturely Wonders, Taxidermy, Sculpture



Winterland, Black Asterisk, Karley Feaver, Taxidermy, Black Asterisk Gallery


The Doll Show
The Doll Show, Karley Feaver, Expressions Arts & Entertainment Centre


TARRED & feathered

Karley Feaver, Karley Feaver Artist


Baradene Art Show 2011

I am participating in the Baradene Art show again this year – now in their 22nd year. The Baradene Art Show showcases over 500 pieces of work from over 120 contemporary NZ artists, both established and emerging.

The Art Show runs from Friday 20th May to Sunday 22nd May, 2011, and begins with their now infamous gala opening night on the Friday. Weekend opening times are 10am-4pm daily. Saturday and Sunday admission is free.


First Thursdays


Where: The Depot Artspace – Main Gallery, 28 Clarence Street, Devonport, Auckland

When: Saturday 10th to Thursday 22nd July 2010 – Preview Saturday 10th July 3pm to 4.30pm

I will also be doing an artist talk about this exhibition, please click HERE to find out more

About the Exhibition

Life is complicated and everyone needs to escape every now and then.  But from what, and to where?

Through a series of interviews, I have explored people’s personal experiences and opinions on escapism. I have then translated the interviews into bold abstract art works.  Each art work tells a story intended to evoke emotions through imagery and through the use of colour.

Some interpret the popularity of escapism as a sign that people are unhappy with the lives they are leading.  In contrast some people challenge the idea that escapism is exclusively negative and that it is a way of refocusing one’s attention on things pleasant or enjoyable, as opposed to the hard realities of the everyday world.

The idea for this project started more than 3 years ago when I was going through a tough time in my life.  Through this I started to recognise my own thoughts about escapism.  I then started to question how other people view or experience escapism.  Are they aware of their own escapism? Are they addicted to their form of escapism?  Why do we do it and is it practiced by everyone?

I wanted to know about other people’s experiences through interviewing them and then interpreting each interview into a piece of art.  I wanted to reflect on their experiences and find out about parts of their lives they don’t really share with anyone.  I guess interviewing them was an escape from my world into someone else’s.

I interviewed a wide range of individuals from all areas of society. Some of the people I knew personally, some were introduced to me and others were strangers on the street.  These people included a Managing Director who has had many hurdles to get through in her life including abuse, two homeless people, Solo stay at home mother who was sexually abused as a child, Barrister, Waitress who is an ex drug addict, Musician, Fetish Worker, Banker and the list goes on.

My interpretation of the interviews focuses on the emotion, the feeling and the place the interviewee desires to be.  I use bold abstract imagery such as clouds disguised as trees, coloured ribbons, geometric shapes and words.  My interpretation looks almost like a fantasy place, the place people might think of when they want to escape.  This fantasy place is a colourful world of apparent happiness, however sometimes that place is shadowed with darkness. My use of colour isn’t to confuse the viewer but to embellish the sometimes dark topic and the way it can be interpreted.

Each participant was asked the same 12 questions.  They were also asked to give an insight to their life – past and present.  The questions included:

  • What does the word Escapism mean to you?
  • What kind of escapism have you indulged in lately?  And have you ever experienced going beyond moderation in daydreaming or escapism?
  • Describe your personality in 1 or 2 words
  • Do you have an indulgence or addiction?  If so what is it?
  • Is there a place you regularly visit when you need to escape?  Where is this place and why do you keep going back?

I not only want my works to tell a story, but also to stimulate people’s thoughts about their own escapism.



Painting is such a personal art form and every viewer will bring their own thoughts and vision to any work.  Picasso said he wanted his paintings to fend for themselves when they left his studio. They took on a new significance from that point, his interaction was over – a new relationship starts with the buyer and his viewers.

An Open Narrative in painting is where the viewers are dependent  to interpret the story of painting or to decypher meaning. You could argue that this happens with all artwork, as the viewer can take whatever they want from the work, and disregard any personal statements on offer.  Thus the artwork cannot perform its true function: interaction – without the viewer.

LeSA Gallery, 268 Jackson Street, Petone, Wellington – http://www.lesagallery.com/



When: 28-30 May, 2010 (Gala Preview on Thursday 27 May)

Where: ASB Showgrounds, Pavilion 6, Auckland

I have been asked to participate in the Braveheart Youth Trust art exhibition.  This will take place at the ASB Showgrounds from the 28-30 May in Auckland.

Liz Caughey will be curating the Braveheart exhibition, and is excited to bring her experience in art to such a major event. You can read more about the exhibition here www.braveheart.org.nz

Proceeds from the Art Exhibition will go towards The Right Track education programme, the project that Braveheart has chosen to support.

Below is a sneaky peak at two of my pieces that I have submitted for the exhibition.

Above: Willow – Found doll, taxidermy sparrow and rabbit ears, rabbit fur.

Above: Heather – Taxidermy rabbit, found doll and beads.



Where: Baradene College, 237 Victoria Ave, Remuera, Auckland

When: Friday 7th to Sunday 9th May, 2010

I have been invited to exhibit at the 21st Baradene College Art Show. I will have 7 pieces in the show – 4 paintings and 3 taxidermy sculptures. Here is a sneak preview of what will be on show…

Above: Surreal Language, 510 x 510mm, Acrylic on canvas

Above: One of a Kind, 610 x 610mm, Acrylic on canvas

Above: Childhood, 700 x 700mm, Acrylic on canvas

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