I Heart Art

I am the featured artist for July on the I HE♥RT ART website. Check out the page HERE

I came across the I HE♥RT ART website about a month or so ago via Twitter. I instantly liked this site as it provides current listings and information about exhibitions and art events happening all over New Zealand. I HE♥RT ART is run by Sarah Wilson, a graduate of Otago University who has a passion for art and everything related to it. “My honours thesis was on the Blue Oyster Project Space in Dunedin and it made me aware of the huge range of art out there just waiting for an outlet. I HE♥RT ART is that outlet! Whether you want to showcase your ideas, sell your works, or learn about and buy art, this is the place for you”, says Sarah.

I HE♥RT ART believes that art should be accessible to everyone, and they aim to connect every significant element of the art industry in one place. This includes a Gallery for artists to exhibit or sell their work, information about art events and exhibitions nationwide, links to relevant websites, and useful resources for buying and selling art.

They promote art that is innovative and experimental, and artists showcasing their works are at all stages of their careers. Using social media tools they have created a supportive online community that fosters and promotes high quality, contemporary New Zealand art.

You can follow I HE♥RT ART on Twitter and also ‘like’ them on Facebook.

Thanks Sarah, I love what you are doing!

About Karley Burgs

Artist - Painter, Sculptor Lover of Taxidermy Girl Friday
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